Velma is a dynamic, effective and result driven professional firm which seeks to provide professional services in line with international best practices acceptable at the global marketplace



We desire to build Velma into a worldwide brand that will succeed the stereotype of professional practice in Nigeria, thereby making us the name that comes to mind every time professional services are required



We pull together our individuality, expertise and experience to provide satisfaction to our clients by adopting professional best practices. We also have an enviable pool of network to draw on. Our wide range of training across various jurisdictions and fields of law helps us ensure that the value of our services meet up with our clients’ expectations and meet up to internationally acceptable ethical standards



In order to help our clients match up with the demands of the global economy, we have personnel specifically designated to monitor and analyze the micro- and macro-economy using specialized economic and decision making models, while also servicing the government sector more efficiently and effectively. We believe this is necessary since the government and its agencies are the major game players that drive economic policies



Our clientele range from individuals to corporate persons, government agencies and international organizations. We have the capacity to meet all sorts of needs that our clients may have. We have represented the Federal Government of Nigeria at various transactions both at the international policy making level and even in national adjudicatory proceedings



Our fees are moderate, flexible, negotiable and are generally based on the applicable scale of professional fees

We offer General and Special Retainership as well as one-off services